Real Dragon Fruit Earrings
Glitterlimes  Gorgeous slices of real dragonfruit encased in our glitter resin make for a perfect summer earring.  Wear as you sip a cold drink on a hot day.  Made with sterling silver earring hooks. About Glitterlimes-      Since 1996,  Debbie...
Real Lemon Earrings
Glitterlimes  Gorgeous slices of preserved lemon slices encased in our glitter resin.Wear as you sip some lemonade on a hot day.  Made with sterling silver ear wires.   About Glitterlimes-      Since 1996,  Debbie Tuch has designed and cultivated a...
Real Lemon Fruit Necklace
Glitterlimes  The Glitterlimes Lemon fruit necklace is made from real fruit encased in our signature glitter resin. Our fruit jewelry hangs on an 18" tigertail necklace with a steel bayonette clasp.  You can order with a 1mm 18" sterling silver plated cable chain...
Real Strawberry Earrings
Glitterlimes  Luscious strawberries make lovable  earrings. We slice real strawberries in our Brooklyn studio  They are then dried and preserved in layers of our glitter resin.   Sterling Silver ear wire color will mature in time, the glitter stays forever.  About...
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