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Strong Woman Vinyl Sticker


Little Woman Goods

Little Woman Goods is a feminist gift shop selling stickers, enamel pins, artwork, and apparel designed by Los Angeles based artist Rosaline Zhang. The illustrations & designs are all original and fall at the intersection of tongue-in-cheek, pretty, cute and subversive, while celebrating the diversity and beauty of womanhood. Little Woman Goods is a woman-owned and women-run business that draws a socially-conscious audience of women and their supporters

This is a glossy coated vinyl sticker featuring the quote, "Here's to strong women, May we be them, May we know them, May we raise them" in a vintage embossed text.
Measures 4 x 1.75 inches.
Scratchproof, weatherproof, and dishwasher safe.

Please note that the background of this sticker is transparent. The backing paper is white.

These stickers can be used as:
♥ Laptop stickers
♥ Planner stickers
♥ Bumper stickers for cars
♥ Cellphone stickers
♥ Water bottle stickers
♥ Badass feminist gifts

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