Ecoresin Hoop Earrings - Small


Made with pre-consumer recycled resin

1" diameter

Color *
Pure Gold
Wisp Gold
Wild Silk Prussian
Wild Silk Mulberry
Mid Pop
Fossil Leaf White
Gild Silver White
Gild Gold White
Gild Copper White
Gild Silver
Gild Gold
Gild Copper
Pure Silver
Fleur Marsala
Wild Silk Indigo
Current Marine
Electra Gold
Ting Ting Elements
Rice Grass Mesa
Fray Smoke
Tempo Ice
Swept Silver
Swept Copper
Seaweed Black
Regency Silver
Lasso Natural Black
Lasso Coal
Lasso Coal Copper
Hush Lichen
Fossil Leaf Tangerine
Fossil Leaf Indigo
Fossil Leaf Gray
Electra Silver
Courier Black
Bear Grass Lite
Bear Grass Black
Banana Fibre
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