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Devo suit- roses



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Our latest jumpsuit for those looking for something more fitted than the coveralls. Made in the same super movable stretch cotton poplin but more fitted in the waist and snug on the butt. This one is also a little more rocking with fitted long sleeves and a zip up motorcycle collar.

**this has a similar fit to the overalls so you can order your size in those, it is not an oversize fit like the coveralls so don't size down. It's supposed to hug those curves

Featuring artwork by Isa Beniston of Gentle Thrillsξ

Care instructions: We want all our garments to last without harming the environment so only wash garments when they really do need it. Then turn them inside out and hand wash in cold water to preserve the print color and hang dry. We prewash our poplin to avoid shrinkage on your end but everyone's water and soap varies so there could be a teensy bit more.

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