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Be Kind Card


Sapling Press-

Weäó»re a letterpress design and print shop founded in 2003 and grounded in the steel city of Pittsburgh. If you walked through our door right now youäó»d catch us operating a fleet of presses, packaging products, and chatting about everything from home renovation to our latest Netflix obsession. Filling wholesale orders with our gift and greeting card lines keeps us busy on the daily, but itäó»s not our only gig. We print everything from letterpress business cards to foil stamped invitations, host local events, and also offer classes & field trips from time to time. Idle hands, yaŒæknow.


äóìBe kind. We're all fighting our own battles. But not like cool battles with swords. Battles where our brain says be afraid of everything.äó�

äó¢ Size:Œæ4.25Œæx 5.5
äó¢ Inside Message: blank
äó¢ŒæPaper:Œæwhite cotton
äó¢ŒæEnvelope: brown bag
äó¢ŒæInk: black


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